Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quality Control for PSP Freebie

I was browsing Pixel Scrapper and noticed someone who really needed help with Quality Control for Paint Shop Pro. I've been trying to find a FREE solution to this for quite some time but the only solution I can find is way more than I can afford so I just broke down and made my own. It's taken me a good portion of the day to figure out exactly how to do it but I think I've finally got it to where it does just enough to help. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is how to check gamut in PSP and it doesn't seem like it's even possible. So I'm sorry, but that's not in this set.

I did, however, include the following:
* Check for Jagged Edges and Holes
* Check for Blurriness
* Check and Correct Resolution
* Automatically locate and get rid of Stray Pixels and Trim elements within 2 px of all sides

So, while it's not the best solution, I hope it helps.

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