Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BoomersGirl Designs' CT Hop > Follow Your Dreams

The BoomersGirl Designs CT is celebrating the release of her newest kit, “Follow Your Dreams”!

Since this kit is “something different” for Boomersgirl Designs, we wanted to do “something different” to introduce this beautiful kit to everyone – a CT freebie hop! Jump on and follow the trail through our blogs and Facebook pages to collect an amazing collection of freebies.

THEN…as if that wasn’t enough…use the freebies (or any other BGD kit that you already have) to make a layout – post it to the BoomersGirl Designs Gallery HERE – and receive a 20% coupon code towards ANY BoomersGirl Designs kit available at Daisies & Dimples.

Could it BE any better? Lots of freebies, a bit of fun, and a coupon to top it off?

So now follow the hop to Follow Your Dreams and we’ll be watching for your layouts in the gallery.

~ The BoomersGirl Designs Creative Team~
(PS – Please be patient if the links aren’t all live right away. We’re scattered around the globe, so there may be some differences in when we get things posted.)

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The Cherry on Top – CT Lisa Marie (Blog)
Totally Cre8tive – CT Teresa (FB)

Here is a little peek at just a few of the items you will collect on the CT freebie hop!

And here is the freebie you can collect from me at this stop:
 photo 5C1179C5-4C3C-4C4A-95BD-DF8A75B1653A.jpg 
{Sorry - Link Expired}

 photo BBD_HaveABeautifullyBlessedDay.png
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Fixed Word Art from United We Stand

Here is the fixed 'Pledge of Allegiance' word art from United We Stand. I'm sorry it took so long to get it posted but I honestly thought I had already done so since I've had it fixed for some time.

Just click on the image below, right click, and save.

 photo BBD_HaveABeautifullyBlessedDay.png
 photo BBD_PriscillaAshley_sig.png

Saturday, September 20, 2014

United We Stand » Add - On Mini

So since I forgot a few word bits and such in my United We Stand kit, I've made a small add-on for you to go along with it. ;)
You can download below. If you haven't grabbed the main kit, word art, and paper rounds yet, be sure to check the 2 blog posts below this one and also my FB Page.
Hint: They will be on my FB Wall, not the Fan Freebie tab although you can find a cluster frame freebie in the Fan Freebie tab. ;)

45.9 MB


 photo BBD_HaveABeautifullyBlessedDay.png
 photo BBD_PriscillaAshley_sig.png

$1 Honey Hive » 3 Bundles for $3

HURRY!! I've got 3 bundles in the $1 Honey Hive @ Scrappy Bee on sale for $1 through tomorrow!! Remember, these products will retire October 1st!!

These bundles are 90% off!!

Later, I'll have an add-on to United We Stand posted here for you too!! ;)
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 photo BBD_PriscillaAshley_sig.png

Thursday, September 11, 2014

United We Stand » Elements and Papers

Today I have the elements and papers parts of "United We Stand". Yesterday I posted the Presidential Paper Rounds and Word Art. You can still find the word art on my FB wall and the paper rounds on the post below this one. Please visit my FB Page to grab the elements portion of this kit. You can download the papers below. ;)

{Download Papers and Papers 2}
42.2 MB & 33.8 MB

Find the Elements HERE.
Also, if you "Like" my page, you can download a freebie cluster frame made with this kit through the Fan Freebie Tab. :)

 photo BBD_HaveABeautifullyBlessedDay.png
 photo BBD_PriscillaAshley_sig.png

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

United We Stand » Presidential Paper Rounds & Word Art

As promised, here's part of my new kit "United We Stand". This will be posted in parts between my blog and FB. Today I'm posting the Presidential Paper Rounds and Word Art. You can grab the paper rounds here and the word art on my FB Page. If you "Like" my page, there's also a cluster frame freebie through the like gate. I'm pretty passionate about my love for my country so I infused that into this kit and I hope you enjoy using it. :)

I'm sorry for all the previews, lol, but all the Presidents wouldn't fit in just one so there are 5! Feel free to print these out and use them for whatever as long as it's Personal Use. If you'd like to use them for other purposes, please contact me using the form on the bottom right side bar. Thanks! :)

55.8 MB

And here is a preview of the word art you can grab on my FB Page.

 photo BBD_HaveABeautifullyBlessedDay.png
 photo BBD_PriscillaAshley_sig.png

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Saying Goodbye to my Stores

That's right! I'm saying "Goodbye" to my stores!! Everything in stores will retire at the end of September so if you wanted anything, now is the time to get it with a 40% discount!! Sale only available at Wilma4Ever.

From now on, anything I create will be available for download here on my blog or on my FB wall (since fan-gating ("Like" to download) is supposed to be banned starting in November).

Also, keep a look out for my newest kit "United We Stand"coming soon. ;)

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